Wednesday, 11 September 2013

DYDD GLYNDWR 16 MEDI NATIONAL HERO DAY 2013 - LETS SHOW WE CARE - UP WITH BANERI GLYNDWR FROM CEFN DU ACROSS TO EVERY CORNER OF CYMRU. (Terry Breverton Owain Glyndwr Book available at a Dydd Glyndwr discount, details within)


Please send us your Baneri Glyndwr fotos.

Recently did a trip North and seen few Baneri Glyndwr flyiing and none at all in Caernarfon, there it was all 'Tudor Rags' to show the Town as truly Cambro Brit Loyal to the English Crown:

So, had to make a point of showing Baner Glyndwr over Yr Maes.

Hopefully by next year and thru to 2015, 2016 and beyond we will start to see much more of Baneri Glyndwr in Caernarfon and elsewhere.

Plus on 2 Tachwedd annually lets see Y Draig Aur raised high on Twt Hill again as raised in 1401 in challenge to English Rule.

Glyndŵr's Banner, Wales - CRW Flags Inc.

of Glyndŵr's Banner; Golden dragon flag (Baner Y Ddraig Aur) .....battle flag, on Twt hill overlooking Caernarfon Castle on 2 November 1401.

Returning South, great to see that the Braich Goch Bunk House was flying Baner Glyndwr.

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Glyndwr Casebook:

All other Welsh Media ignored, wonder why?