Friday, 27 September 2013

COMMEMORATING THE WAR OF INDEPENDENCE 1400 - 1416 - 1421 - 1485. Information given here is not complete, for that visit Cefn Caer Exhibition and/or buy Terry Breverton's Book Owain Glyndwr from Embassy Glyndwr.

The below provides good information as to the areas of Hanes Glyndwr you might wish to commemorate and celebrate over the coming years of G660 - 2014 to 2016 and beyond. Such may be organised in a number of ways as Enthusiasts Field Trips and Patriotic Rallies also other local community Gwaith Glyndwr as Exhibitions in local  Libraries and community centres, setting up plaques, creating Glyndwr trails and adopting Brwydrau Glyndwr Battle Sites and campaign for them to be taken care of by local authorities and recognised by CADW with a special Golden Dragon Plaque. See below Hanes Glyndwr Battle Site Initiative.

Sian Ifan of Embassy Glyndwr launches her excellent Hanes Glyndwr exhibition at Cefn Caer Haf 2013.

 Hanes Glyndwr Battle Site Initiative.

Don't wait for local Authorities to get the job done, you can make a start and go set up plaques regards your local adopted Battle Site as follows, see below: Down load foto of Battle Site Plaque Blank 6 X 4 foto size, add name of Battle site and photo copy enlarge to A4 Size, laminate and attach to slightly larger wood/HB panel and set up where best suited. Otherwise add and arrow and use also as a direction finder for others to locate battle site. So as this work is not duplicated, get in touch and we can inform if a Battle site as been adopted already or not. At least make this your contribution to G660 Commemorative program.

Useful to this will be my Brwydrau Glyndwr and I'r Gad Welsh Battlefield Campaign Blogs: