Saturday, 27 July 2013


1402 Following on the stunning Welsh Victory at Battle of Bryn Glas, Owain led a growing army (being joined by Tenants and Serfs of the Marcher Anglo - Norman Border Lords) down into Gwent and then into Bro Morgannwg. Soon the Welsh Army was weighed down by booty and baggage, arms and cattle - all that was useful and could be pillaged. However, this reduced speed of movement and the Welsh were now surrounded by Enemy Castles out of which the English Enemy could quickly mount up posse fashion and encircle the Welsh. Glyndwr made decision to quickly head North into Y Rhondda and the safety of Penrhys in the land of the their Southern sympathizer Cistercian Abat John ap Hywel. All that was in their way was Llantrisant Castle which received it's first visit from the resurgent forces of Owain Glyndwr. That soon taken care of Glyndwr and his Army made way to the safety of Penrhys and after a rest up, they headed North and possibly this army dispersed into smaller groups in area of Castll Nos, Maerdy to make separate journeys to various parts of a growing Free Wales - Cenedl Glyndwr - Cenedl Cymru Rydd.

Cadwgan's Rock it is said that Cadwgan when called upon to join Rhys Gethin on Stalling Down for the Battle of Bryn Owain July 1403, sharpened his axe and to test it's metal split the rock seen in foto below.

Brwydr Bryn Owain/Stalling Down Gwyl Haf Glyndwr 21/22 July 1403, will be site of an annual commemoration on or around these dates hence annually.

Llantrisant Castle 1402 and 1403. In association  with annual Gwyl Haf Commemoration above.

Cardiff Castle and Llandaf visited violently by Rhys Gethin following on the Battle of Bryn Owain both places may be associated with the annual Gwyl Haf Glyndwr commemoration on and around 21/22/23/24 Gorffennaf annually. Possibly Glyndwr Procession and Picnic during the afternoon and social Gwyl Glerwyr in Llandaff during the evening.

Contemporary Glyndwr Action Annually. anytime but as a Gwerin Owain group action at time of assembly for the annual Dydd Dewi Parade in Caerdydd. Hence lets se more of Baneri Glyndwr to the fore, YES?

Hyddgen Gwaith Glyndwr with Tarian Glyndwr on constant stand by to defend Battle Site from Windmill Masters Tan 8 Terrorism also Ymgyrch Treftadaeth Cymru 'Archaeolgy Activists' with Glyndwr Ramblers and contemporay Gwerin Owain regularly rambling and camping in Mynyddoedd Pumlumom. As from 2014 a regular event will be organised at the Covenant Stones to mark anniversary of Brwydr Hyddgen on or about last weekend of May 1401 annually.

Further Cerdyn Post to be placed on this blog in due course, why not send us fotos of your new Baneri Glyndwr on location.